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Temporary floors are primarily used for a short period of time only. Your floors need special protection when undergoing remodeling, during new construction, moving heavy furniture or equipment, and for other events beyond day-to-day use. Protecting flooring makes sense and saves money. A spill of paint, the drop of a hammer, a scratch from heavy furniture can cost thousands of dollars in replacement and repair costs.


Temporary Floor
Temporary Floor


What are the Brief Details on Temporary Floor Protection?

There are many choices in Temporary Floor protection available today. When choosing a protection product, it is wise to consider the cost, duration needed, breathability and potential to reuse the product. Successful floor protection also includes proper installation and preparation of the floor. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendation for use so the potential for adhesive transfer is avoided. Protecting valuable floors is a wise investment in time and money.

What are the Positive Effects of Portable Flooring on Business?

A Portable Floor system would especially be a great addition for your company (whether you are a large multi-national or an up and coming small business looking to shine) if your company is one who sells a lot of products or services meant for the home or office.  By adding unique flooring system to your company's tradeshow display is still a great way to attract attention to your exhibit. Showing your customers that you are willing to pay attention to detail and put in some extra effort.

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